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indexPro Corporation researches and lists companies in the indexPro database. If you do not want your company listed on this site, please contact us.

  • 1.indexPro independently researches and registers companies.
    In the past, indexPro used two methods of registering companies; companies could apply for registration, or indexPro would research companies independently. Now we use only the latter method. Therefore, site registration will persist and we may use it as the basis for researching your company, but there is no guarantee that we will list your company on the site. We do not contact site administrators for permission to post links. This is because these websites are freely open to the world. However, if you request deletion of links, we will comply.
  • 2.Registration of trading companies assumes the purchase of advertising.
    The purpose of indexPro is to enable designers and developers to find products more efficiently, and the site is operated entirely on advertising fees. Paid advertisements are an effective method for trading companies that seek direct enquiries.
    For details, visit the Advertising page.
  • Aiming to improve the quality of our data.
    indexPro aims to assist as many engineers as possible with their design and development work. For this reason, we have not sought to register and list companies unnecessarily. Instead, we have aimed to offer a high-quality service. However, increasingly, sites are seeking to list companies just for the sake of getting search engine hits or for keywords, without any thought for the quality of their service. We believe that this will have a negative impact on companies that provide high-quality service, and so we have decided to build a database based on criteria of our own.

Conditions for registration

  1. For registration with this site, companies must be manufacturers in the E.U. that meet their responsibility to supply.
  2. Registration qualifies you as a company that indexPro will research, after which you may be listed on the site.
The criteria for registration are as follows
  • Your products are in the field covered by the indexPro service (electronic components, control components, fluid and mechanical components, measuring and testing equipment)
  • Your company offers products and services that are of value to users
  • The size and experience of your company is not a criterion for registration, but your company must be trustworthy
  • Your website shows your business content (details of products and services), your address and contact
  • Your site must not borrow from other sites, and your business situation must be clear
  • Your website must be complete, updated regularly, and be without deficiencies
  • Your company must supply its products and services responsibly. Your company must advertise and promote sales, guarantee the quality of products and services, and be able to fulfill the responsibility of selling (we do not list dealers)
We will remove listings in the following cases
  • Your company ceases to meet the criteria for registration.
  • The number of monthly visits is very low.
  • There are dead links for long periods.
  • Your products no longer fall within the categories of the indexPro service.
  • Your website is infected with a virus or malware, or there are other problems with site management.

Checking registration

Before attempting to register, please check that you are not already registered with indexPro.

indexPro removes links to websites that incorporate improper code. Before registering again, check your website and the site administrator PC and so on first.
*There are many cases where the login ID and password for web servers are stolen from corporate site administrators’ PCs and malware and so on is uploaded. From the point of view of ordinary users, they are very dangerous sites. In many cases the main reasons are that the virus detection software of the PCs of the site administrators have not been updated, the PCs themselves are infected with viruses, and the IDs and passwords have been stolen.

Site registration

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