Company Profile

Company Profile

indexPro pioneered a website in Japan to support researchers, developers, designers, production engineers and so on who are involved in product development, design, production system and infrastructure system development in Japan in finding the required components, products and manufacturers quickly. Today we have many users, and world-renowned electronic component and industrial parts manufacturers place a high value on the B-to-B business enabled through the information provided by indexPro. Based on our successes in the Japanese market, we have built a database adapted to the marketplace of industrialized Europe, and we are providing new services.

indexPro Corporation Minami-Nihon Bldg. 4F, 42-5, Chuo 1-chome, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0011 Japan
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We connect people.
Our goal is to always maintain good relations, to grow together and thus to introduce meaningful services into society.

  • 1. To our Customers
    Engineers who are at home in technology and product development, manufacturing, logistics and IT system environment, represent our main customers. We offer to you: Reliable, useful and latest information from a single source.
  • 2. To our Advertisers
    By means of advertisements, we are able to offer our services. We offer to our advertisers: clear target groups and satisfaction through excellent price/performance ratios. Our goal is to acquire customers for you, to grow your revenue and to reinforce your brand at a fair price. Seminar or workshop offerings complement our service.
  • 3. To our Partners and Supporters
    We want to grow together respectfully and appreciate your cooperation.
  • 4. To our Employees and their Families
    We offer safe employment, equality without discrimination, fair working conditions and a variety of opportunities for professional development. We thank the families who support our employees and we are appreciate employees who take responsibility for their families.
  • 5. To our Regional Community
    As a responsible member of society we participate in and support environmental protection and health promotion, as well as social and cultural activities.
  • 6. To our Shareholders
    As a company, we aim to generate a secure income. Our goal is to generate stable growth through the development of our services and thus deliver financially sound performance.
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