Microwave / mmWave Components

Digital Signal Technology (DST)
RF component

Frequency synthesizer, Satellite component, GPS timing component

Space qualified component

Coaxial connector, Attenuator, Termination, Coupler/Divider, Flexible cable assembly, Semi-rigid cable assembly, Coaxial switch, Phase shifter

RF & microwave switch
Microwave component

Termination, Attenuator, Coupler, Power divider/combiner, Detector, Rotary joint, DC block, Monitor tee, Signal sampler, Phase shifter

Smiths Interconnect
RF/microwave component

Resistor, Attenuator, Termination, Signal distribution

Millimeter-wave solution

Horn, Filter, Mixer, Detector, Multiplier, Amplifier, Switch, Ferrite, Coupler, Attenuator

Coaxial resonator
Multi-chip modules & hybrid microcircuit
Power amplifier / Low noise amplifier
Delta Meccanica
RF component

Combiner, Coupler, Dummy load, Filter, Low power multiplexer, Motorized coaxial switch, Passive component

Passive component
Microwave power module
Amphenol Procom
Combiner / Filter
Link Microtek
RF/microwave component
Teledyne Defence & Space
Microwave component

Filter, Switched multiplexer, Synthesiser, Channeliser

Solid state microwave & millimeter-wave component

Narrow-band Gunn oscillator, Varactor tuned oscillator, Wide band mechanically tuned oscillator

Wainwright Instruments
RF & microwave filter

Low pass filter, High pass filter, Band pass filter, Tunable band pass filter, Band reject/notch filter, Tunable band reject/notch filter, Absorptive filter, Monoplexer, Diplexer, Duplexer, Triplexer

Thomas Keating
THz detector system / THz optical component
THz device
RF component and module

Filter, Diplexer, Triplexer, Balun, Triplexer, Divider, Splitter, Isolator, Circulator, Module

Hirose Electric
Microwave component
New Japan Radio
Microwave component

C-Band BUC, C-Band LNA/LNB, Ku-Band BUC, Ku-Band LNB, O3b BUC & LNB

Murata Manufacturing
RF component

Balun, Coupler, Phase shifter, Front end module, RF switch

Keysight Technologies
MMIC millimeter-wave & microwave device
Passive coaxial microwave component

Coupler, Attenuator, Termination, Adapter, DC block, Power divider, Connector, Equalizer

RF transceiver product
RF component

Attenuator, Limiter, Passive component, Phase shifter, Programmable capacitor array, Switch

RLC Electronics
microwave component
Ferrite Microwave Technologies
Circulator & isolator
MIC module
Microwave / Millimeter-wave component
Mercury Systems
RF and Microwave Component
Microwave Communications Laboratories(MCLI)
RF-microwave component
Microwave Dynamics
Free running / Phase locked oscillator

Free running/Phase-locked oscillator, Amplifier, Frequency converter and Frequency multiplier for the industrial, aerospace, and military/defense sectors.

Microwave component
RF/Microwave passive component
RF/microwave component

Attenuator, Coupler, Splitter, Combiner, Crossover, Phase shifter, Gain equalizer, Switch, Tunable inductor

Maury Microwave
Metrology-grade coaxial and waveguide adapter
M2 Global
Microwave/Millimeter-wave component
Mu-Del Electronics
RF/Microwave component
Vector Telecom
Coaxial component
ET Industries
RF passive component


Communications & Power Industries(CPI)
High power amplifier (HPA)
RF / Microwave product
Bird Technologies
RF product

Attenuator, Filter, Combining system, Component, Duplexer and triplexer, Preselector and post selector (Filter), Signal booster, RF repeater and Bi-directional amplifier, Termination and RF load

Anatech Electronics
RF filter

Band pass filter, Low pass filter, High pass filter, Band stop & notch filter, Duplexer & diplexer, Triplexer

Crosspoints and Signal Conditioners

Crosspoint Switches, Signal Conditioners/ Redrivers

Frequency Conversion

Frequency Multipliers, Hybrid Mixers, Mixers, Receivers, Transceivers, Up Converters

Millimeter-wave component
Innovative Power Products
RF/Microwave Passive component

Attenuator, Balun, Coupler, Combiner, Divider, Directional Coupler, RF Resistor, Termination

Jersey Microwave
Microwave & millimeter wave component
Noise source
Electrical calibration unit
Pin attenuator
GNSS product

In line amplifier, Bias tees - signal splitter

TRM Microwave
Power divider / Coupler / Hybrid
Virginia Diodes
Millimeter wave and terahertz device

Detector, Multiplier, Signal generator, Mixer

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
Power amplifier
SAGE Millimeter
Microwave component
Millimeter Wave Products
Microwave component
Glead Electronics
Microwave dielectric ceramic

Dielectric diplexer/multiplexer

GNI Microwave
RF component

Arrester, Attenuator, Combiner, Coupler, Detector, Duplexer, Filter, LNA, Multiplexer, Splitter

JQL Electronics
RF & microwave device

Cavity filter, Ceramic filter, RF circulator, RF isolator, Power splitter, DC block/Bias tee, Hybrid, Termination, Coupler/Tapper

ChoiceRight Electronic
RF component

Filter, Attenuator, Coupler, Surge protector, Isolator, Terminator, Impedance converter, Lightning protector, Splitter, Amplifier, Repeater, Diplexer

Teledyne Microwave Solutions
RF/Microwave component & product

Amplifier, Attenuator, Detector, Filter, Frequency doubler, IQ network, Mixer, Phase shifter, Power divider, Switch, Voltage controlled oscillator

RF Circulator Isolator (RFCI)
RF circulator & isolator

Coaxial, Drop-in, SMD

L3 Narda-MITEQ
RF/microwave component

Passive Component, Switch

Empower RF Systems
RF power amplifier
CML Engineering Sales
High power microwave component

RF window, Waterload, Circulator, Power divider, Phase shifter & Arc detector

Comtech Xicom Technology
High power amplifier

High power amplifier for satellite communications

Coleman Microwave
Microwave component

Bandpass filter, Diplexer, Filter, Power combiner, Waveguide, Weather radar component

Applied Systems Engineering
Microwave amplifier/transmitter

TWT amplifier, Magnetron transmitter, Klystron amplifier

Marki Microwave
Microwave component

Amplifier, Balun, Bias tee, Coupler, Equalizer, Filter, Hybrid, IQ mixer, Mixer, Multiplier, Power divider, Other product(Adapter, DC block, High speed data, Limiter, Thumbwheel)

L3Harris Narda-ATM
RF & microwave component
Knowles Precision Devices
Microwave product

Filter, Coupler, Power divider, Gain equalizer, Bias filter network, Resonator

Microwave/Millimeter-wave component

Passive components, Active components, Multi-functional modules

RF & microwave component

Isolator, Circulator, Coaxial isolator, Coaxial circulator, Filter, Duplexer, Multiplexer, Tunable filter, RF switch, RF limiter

Barry Industries
Millimeter wave component

Low noise amplifier, Power amplifier, Multiplier, Balanced mixer, Upconverter, Isolator, Circulator, PIN diode switch, Broadband digital attenuator, PIN diode attenuator, Broadband detector, Gunn oscillator, VCOMillimeter wave digital radio, HD-SDI/3DHD-SDI wireless link, Radar front end

Micro Lambda Wireless
YIG oscillator / Synthesizer / Filter / Multiplier

Permanent magnet YIG-tuned oscillator, Electromagnetic YIG-tuned oscillator, Ectromagnetic bandpass YIG filter, Electromagnetic band-reject/Notch YIG filter, YIG frequency synthesizer, YIG multiplier/Harmonic generator

Microwave Filter Company
RF & microwave filter
Microwave component

Termination, Attenuator, Isolator, Circulator, Coupler, Power divider, High power combiner

Renaissance Electronics & Communications
RF/microwave component

Space Qualified Product, GPS splitter, Isolator/Circulator, Switch, Switch matrix, Amplifier, Attenuator, Combiner, Coupler, DAS panel, Divider, Duplexer/Multiplexer, Ferrite, Repeater, Splitter, Transceiver

RF/microwave component

Amplifier, Comb (Harmonic) and impulse generator, Detector, PIN diode limiter, PIN diode switch

Wenteq Microwave
RF/microwave component

RF/Microwave ferrite device(Isolator, Circulator), Low noise amplifier, Power amplifier, Passive coaxial component

Frequency synthesizer

PLDRO, PLXO, PLCRO, FRDRO, Low phase noise synthesizer

Telcon RF Pharmaceutical
RF/microwave component

Coaxial terminator, Coupler, Attenuator, Power divider, Bias-T, Lightning surge arrestor

Bakman Technologies
THz spectrometer & component
Cosmic Microwave Technology
Cryogenic low noise amplifier

For radio astronomy and quantum computing. Cryogenic low noise amplifier, Bias supply, Quad ridge flared horn and Receiver.

Micro Harmonics
Millimeter wave product

Millimeter wave isolator, Millimeter wave circulator, Flange ID tool

RF and microwave component

Filter, Diplexer, Multiplexer

Jorjin Technologies
mmWave radar
International Manufacturing Services
RF component

Termination, Fixed attenuator, Variable attenuator, Broadband splitter, Broadband coupler, Planar divider, Planar filter

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