RF Components

Digital Signal Technology (DST)
Frequency synthesizer

Frequency synthesizer, Programmable oscillator, DDS-based programmable oscillator, PLL reference clock oscillator, Fixed frequency signal senerator

IPD for RF front-end

Balun, Coupler, Diplexer, RF filter

RF & microwave switch
Spectrum Elektrotechnik
Passive component
Adjusting phase
Antennentechnik Bad Blankenburg
Delta Meccanica
RF component

Combiner, Coupler, Dummy load, Filter, Low power multiplexer, Motorized coaxial switch, Passive component

Amphenol Procom
Combiner / Filter
Murata Manufacturing
RF component

Balun, Coupler, Phase shifter, Front end module, RF switch

RF/IF and microwave component
Charter Engineering (CEI)
RF & Microwave coaxial switch
Wi-Fi front-end module(FEM)
RF component
RF component
Mid-Atlantic RF Systems
RF component
RF component
Mu-Del Electronics
RF/Microwave component
RF component
Noise diode
NP Technologies
RF/Microwave amplifier
NuWaves Engineering
RF and wireless product

RF upconverter, RF downconverter, RF power amplifier, RF bidirectional amplifier, LNA, RF filter, RF preselector

TR module
Circulator & isolator
Load termination
Coupler & hybrid
Power divider combiner
AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation
RF power amplifier
Glead Electronics
RF component

LTCC filter, LTCC diplexer, LTCC balun, LTCC balun filter, LTCC coupler, LTCC power divider

GNI Microwave
RF component

Arrester, Attenuator, Combiner, Coupler, Detector, Duplexer, Filter, LNA, Multiplexer, Splitter

JQL Electronics
RF & microwave device

Cavity filter, Ceramic filter, RF circulator, RF isolator, Power splitter, DC block/Bias tee, Hybrid, Termination, Coupler/Tapper

ChoiceRight Electronic
RF component

Filter, Attenuator, Coupler, Surge protector, Isolator, Terminator, Impedance converter, Lightning protector, Splitter, Amplifier, Repeater, Diplexer

Teledyne Microwave Solutions
RF/Microwave component & product

Amplifier, Attenuator, Detector, Filter, Frequency doubler, IQ network, Mixer, Phase shifter, Power divider, Switch, Voltage controlled oscillator

RF Circulator Isolator (RFCI)
RF circulator & isolator

Coaxial, Drop-in, SMD

Empower RF Systems
RF power amplifier
Walsin Technology
Antenna switch
RF filter

Balun, Filter, Coupler, Multiplexer

Microwave Filter Company
RF & microwave filter
Telcon RF Pharmaceutical
RF/microwave component

Coaxial terminator, Coupler, Attenuator, Power divider, Bias-T, Lightning surge arrestor

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