Boost Converter IC & Buck-Boost Converter IC

NXP Semiconductors
DC-to-DC boost converter
DC-DC switching converter
Step-up (boost) DC/DC converter

Automotive, Industrial

DC-DC boost controller
DC-DC boost converter
DC-DC buck-boost converter
DC-DC charge pump
Buck/boost converter
Step-down/step-up DC-DC converter
Asahi Kasei Microdevices
Voltage detection IC

Ultra-low power consumption voltage detection IC with MOSFET for energy harvesting

New Japan Radio
Switching regulator (Inverting)
Switching regulator (step-up / fly-buck)
Charge pump IC
Boost/boost-buck switching regulator
Texas Instruments (TI)
Step-up (boost) converter/controller

Boost converter, Synchronous and non-synchronous boost controller, Boost charge pump

Buck/boost device

Buck/boost converter, Buck/boost controller, Buck/boost charge pump

Step-up (boost) module
Microchip Technology
Boost switching regulator
Charge pump
Buck-boost regulator
Analog Devices
Boost / buck-boost switching regulator
Inductorless (Charge pump) DC/DC converter
Maxim Integrated
Step-up (boost) switching regulator
Charge pump
Torex Semiconductor
Step-up DC/DC converter
Step-up/down DC/DC converter
Charge pump IC
Step-up (boost) regulator
Step-up switching regulator
Boost charge pump IC
Charge pump
Renesas Electronics
Buck-boost / Boost regulator
Advanced Monolithic Systems (AMS)
Boost converter
Analog Integrations (AIC)
DC/DC converter

Step down series, Buck/Boost series

HTC Korea
Converter & Controller

Step-updown (Inverting) Controller, Charge Pump Voltage Converter

Boost/buck converter
DC-DC Converter

Boost Converter, Boost/ Buck Converter, Boost Controller

Anpec Electronics
Boost converter
Taiwan Semiconductor
Switching regulator
Fitipower Integrated Technology
Boost DC-DC
MagnaChip Semiconductor
DC/DC converter

Buck/boost controller, Boost converter, Boost/negative charge pump

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
DC-DC boost regulator
Richtek Technology
Switching regulator

Buck-boost converter, Boost converter/controller

AiT Semiconductor
Boost (step-up) DC-DC converter
Lision Technology
DC-DC converter / Charge pump
Kinetic Technologies
Buck and boost converter
Cystech Electronics
DC-to-DC controller

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