Battery Management IC

On-off controller
Voltage protection IC
Battery management IC

Battery charger, Battery fuel gauge

Battery sensor interface
Micro Analog Systems
Li-ion and LiPo battery charger IC with LDO
LAPIS Technology
Battery monitoring LSI
Mitsumi Electric
Lithium-Ion battery IC
New Japan Radio
Battery back-up IC
Battery charger IC
Panasonic Industry Europe
Battery monitoring IC
Texas Instruments (TI)
Microchip Technology
Battery management
Analog Devices
Battery Management
Maxim Integrated
Battery fuel gauge
Battery management
Torex Semiconductor
Battery charger IC
Seiko NPC
Battery charger
Ricoh Electronic Devices
Analog front end (AFE) IC

The analog front end IC (AFE) monitors cell voltages of lithium-ion or lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Li-ion battery protection IC

1cell battery protection IC, 2cell battery protection IC, Multi cell battery protection IC, Battery 2nd protection IC

Automotive lithium-ion battery protection IC / EDLC protection IC
Battery backup switching IC
Lithium-ion battery protection IC
Battery management IC

Battery charge controller, Battery fuel gauge, Battery protection

Monolithic Power Systems (MPS)
Battery management

Cradle charger, Linear charger, Power bank management, Protection, Switching charger

Renesas Electronics
Battery management

Battery front end, Battery management controller, Charge system safety, Multiple cell battery charger, Backup battery monitor and switch, Single cell battery charger

Battery charger
Battery charger IC
Battery protection IC
Intelligent charger
Analog Integrations (AIC)
Battery management IC
Battery charger
battery management IC

Battery Protection, Battery Chargers, Overvoltage Protection

Anpec Electronics
Battery management
Unisonic Technologies
Li-battery protection or charger IC
Taiwan Semiconductor
Voltage and current controller
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor
Battery protection
Richtek Technology
Battery charger
AiT Semiconductor
Battery management

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