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0 Advantech Launches New ProView SCADA Manageable Switches [Advantech]
4 Belden Operating System Adds Security Features, Improves Ease of Use [Belden]
3 IDEC Releases HMI+PLC with Extensive Analog Capability [IDEC]
4 Belden’s New Molded Cord Sets Support High-Speed Network Connections [Belden]
4 New High Performance Digital Signage Player The DS-380 series with Quad-Core APU [Contec]
5 Han-Eco® connectors - Reduce maintenance for installation cabling [Harting]
5 HARTING preLink® – installation technology with process reliability [Harting]
5 Sharp Debuts Industry-First*1 Infrared Color Night-Vision Security Camera that Captures Color Video in Total Darkness (Zero Lux) [Sharp]
5 OMRON Releases New Programmable Terminal NA Series Using ICT - Boosting Productivity and Minimizing Downtime - [OMRON]
6 Ha-VIS 4100 switches – Gigabit instead of bottleneck [Harting]
7 For high-speed, high-precision surface shape evaluation The new high accuracy non-contact sensor 3D metrology system HN-C3030 [Nikon]
7 Advantech Launches a New Small Form Factor UNO-2272G for Space Limited Applications [Advantech]
7 Advantech Launches New Upgraded Low Power Consuming True Flat Touch Panel Computer [Advantech]
7 Belden Connectors Enable Fast, On-Site Industrial Ethernet Connections [Belden]
7 Kavlico Pressure Systems bringt neuen Drucksensor für Niederdruck-Anwendungen [Kavlico]
5 New SCHOTT MORITEX “ML-U MP9” series of Fixed Focal C-Mount Lenses for Large Sensors [SCHOTT]
5 New SCHOTT MORITEX High Resolution Lens for 16K Line Scan Cameras [SCHOTT]
6 Azbil Obtains TIIS Explosion-Proof Certification for Multivariable Vortex Flow Meters; Plans to Acquire Explosion-Proof Approval in Key Regions Worldwide and Accelerate Global Expansion [Azbil]
6 RFID for the railway: Optimal solution for servicing and maintenance [Harting]
5 IEC 60601-1 Certified Fanless Medical Computer Facilitates Co-diagnostics in ORs [NEXCOM]