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0 Toshiba to Develop New Transistor Array Series Using Latest Process Technology [TOSHIBA]
3 Silicon Labs Simplifies Clock Tree Design for Complex Internet Infrastructure Applications [Silicon Labs]
3 SMK Launches High Speed Data Connectors. The SMK High Speed Data Connectors Are Ideal for Applications Requiring High Speed Data Transmission. [SMK]
3 Tabula Ships Family of 100G Development Systems [Tabula]
2 Silicon Labs Simplifies Clock Tree Design for Complex Internet Infrastructure Applications [Silicon Labs]
2 Industry's lowest-power 25- to 160-MSPS analog-to-digital converter family saves energy in industrial designs [TI]
2 Cyntec thin-film balun now available for use with Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 Series Bluetooth Smart and ANT SoCs [Nordic Semiconductor]
2 R&S BTC broadcast test center from Rohde & Schwarz successfully integrates D-Book test suite [Rohde & Schwarz]
3 New entry-level R&S HMO1002 mixed signal oscilloscope with exceptional features [Rohde & Schwarz]
1 Cost-efficient R&S ZND vector network analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz for uni- and bidirectional measurements [Rohde & Schwarz]
1 Alps Electric to Market “UMDZ Series” LTE Data Communication Module for Automotive Use [ALPS]
1 ON Semiconductor Announces High Performance System-in-Package (SiP) Solution for Precision-Sensing in Portable Medical Devices [ON Semiconductor]
1 Keysight Technologies Introduces Industry's First Signal Analyzer to Provide Swept and FFT Capabilities in PXI Form [Keysight Technologies]
1 Keysight Technologies' New, Full Two-port 26.5 GHz Vector Network Analyzers Fit in Just One PXI Slot [Keysight Technologies]
1 Keysight Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Performance Audio Analyzer with Voice-Quality Analysis and Wide-Bandwidth Options [Keysight Technologies]
1 Keysight Technologies Introduces 65-GSa/s High-Speed Arbitrary Waveform Generator [Keysight Technologies]
1 Keysight Technologies' FieldFox Handheld Analyzers Deliver Precise, Comprehensive Solution for Satellite Ground Station Installation and Maintenance [Keysight Technologies]
1 Lattice’s New USB 3.1 Type-C Power Delivery Solution Speeds Development of Next-Generation USB Connectors [Lattice]
1 Teledyne LeCroy Introduces 500 MHz, $5,000 WaveJet Touch Portable Oscilloscope [Teledyne LeCroy]
1 Teledyne LeCroy's PTC Solution for PCI Express® 3.0 Compliance Testing Named an Approved Test Tool by PCI-SIG® [Teledyne LeCroy]
1 1A, 1.5MHz, 65V Boost/Inverter DC/DC Converter(PDF) [Linear Technology]
1 16-Bit, 2.5Gsps DAC Delivers 74dB Spurious Free Dynamic Range(PDF) [Linear Technology]
1 Micron SSD Advances the Portable Computing Experience [Micron]
1 The highly reliable 1212 (3.0×3.0mm) size wire wound power inductor now commercialized for automotive information devices [Murata Manufacturing]
1 TI makes wide Vin power supply design easier with synchronous SIMPLE SWITCHER® DC/DC regulators [TI]
2 TI RF4CE solutions support new ZigBee® Remote Control 2.0 standard [TI]
1 New 100V Transistors from STMicroelectronics Drive Greater Power Efficiency in Automotive Applications [STMicroelectronics]
1 Huawei Selects Cypress’s TrueTouch Gen5 Touchscreen Controller for Sleek New MediaPad X1 Tablet [Cypress]
1 Lattice and Cypress Team Up to Simplify USB 3.0 Video Bridge Designs with New Development Kit [Cypress]
1 Altera FPGAs Enable Dolby Vision for Ultra-HD TVs [Altera]
2 Analog Devices Releases First Dolby-Certified SHARC® Processor for Dolby® Atmos® Cinema Sound Decoding in Home Theater Systems [Analog Devices]
1 Industry’s First High-Temperature MEMS Gyroscope Improves Productivity of Oil and Gas Drilling Equipment [Analog Devices]
1 Avago Advanced SAS Storage Technology Powers Over 250 Next-Generation Server Models Using New Intel Xeon Processors [Avago Technologies]
1 Avnet Electronics Marketing Releases PicoZed System-On-Module [Avnet]
1 TI empowers manufacturers with ecosystem of digital power developers [TI]
1 TI shrinks industrial designs with industry's smallest 12-, 14- and 16-bit SAR ADCs [TI]
1 Superior systems are within reach with the power-efficient AM5K2Ex processors from Texas Instruments [TI]
1 IDT DDR4 Chipset Qualified For Launch of Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2600 v3 Platforms [IDT]
1 IDT RapidIO Interconnect Enables Orange’s Successful Social Media Analytics Project [IDT]
1 64-bit MIPS Warrior core will change the game for CPUs from mobile devices to datacenter servers [Imagination Technologies]
1 New Cypress TrueTouch Gen4X Capacitive Touchscreen Controller Prevents Accidentally Hanging up Calls with Face Detection Feature [Cypress]
1 Lattice and Cypress Team Up to Simplify USB 3.0 Video Bridge Designs with New Development Kit [Cypress]
1 Cypress Introduces $49 SuperSpeed Explorer Kit to Accelerate USB 3.0 Designs [Cypress]
1 ON Semiconductor Expands Options for High-Quality CCD Image Capture [ON Semiconductor]
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