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0 CEVA Announces Availability of Enhanced Voice Services (EVS) Codec for its Low Power Audio/Voice DSPs [CEVA]
0 Infineon Supplies Embedded Secure Element Chip for New Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Smartphones [Infineon]
0 Freescale Steers Auto Industry Closer to the First Crash-Less Car [Freescale]
0 Cypress Adds Two New TrueTouch Capacitive Touchscreen Controllers with Advanced Features for Smartphones, E-Readers and Low-Cost Tablets [Cypress]
0 Freescale’s Kinetis KV5x MCU with ARM® Cortex®-M7 Core Drives Motor Control into the IoT Era [Freescale]
0 Freescale Expands System Power Management Portfolio to Support Portable Internet of Things Devices and Systems [Freescale]
0 Audio ADCs combine professional performance with portable integration [TI]
0 NEXCOM's PoE NVRs Elevates IP Security Surveillance with Hassle-free Installation [NEXCOM]
0 Two New Media Processing Platforms Enable Highest Density Multiscreen and Cloud Video Transcoding [Artesyn Embedded Technologies]
0 IDT’s Latest Wireless Power Receiver Brings Faster Charging Through Higher Efficiency [IDT]
0 IDT Introduces Wireless PowerShare Technology, Enabling Mobile Devices to Wirelessly Charge One Another [IDT]
0 New IDT Wireless Power Chipset Untethers Tablets and Phablets [IDT]
0 Expansion of IoT Solution ApP Lite™ TZ5000 Series [TOSHIBA]
0 Keysight Technologies Introduces Industry’s First Solution to Characterize All Key Parameters For Modern Semiconductor Power Device Development [Keysight Technologies]
0 Keysight Technologies Introduces Next-Generation 6½, 7½ Digit Performance Digital Multimeters [Keysight Technologies]
0 Keysight Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Phase Coherent PXIe Multi-Channel Vector Signal Analyzer and Generator for True 8x8 MIMO and Beamforming Tests [Keysight Technologies]
0 Keysight Technologies’ Flexible Signal-creation Software Supports Custom Modulation for Early-stage Development, Test of 5G [Keysight Technologies]
0 Keysight Technologies Announces EXF Wireless Test Set Support for High-Volume Femtocell Manufacturing Test Using Qualcomm Technologies' FSM99xx-Chipset Series [Keysight Technologies]
0 Seiko Instruments Releases New Automotive LDO Regulator Capable of 36V Input Voltage and 250mA Output Current [SII]
0 Microchip LoRa™ Technology Wireless Module Enables IoT; First Module for Ultra Long-Range and Low-Power Network Standard [Microchip]
0 Microchip Announces MCU Family Providing Multiple Independent, Closed Loop Power Channels and System Management [Microchip]
0 Microchip’s New Motion Module Makes Motion Monitoring Easy [Microchip]
0 SST and UMC Announce Availability of Qualified 55 nm Embedded SuperFlash® Memory Platform and 40 nm License [Microchip]
1 Spansion Supports Next-Generation CAN FD Protocol in Automotive and IoT [Spansion]
0 Spansion Introduces HyperRAM™ Memory [Spansion]
0 Spansion Launches First Automotive Power Management IC [Spansion]
0 STMicroelectronics Introduces World’s First Customizable Wireless Battery Charger Controller [STMicroelectronics]
0 Micro-mirrors from STMicroelectronics Provide Precision in Perceptual Computing [STMicroelectronics]
0 u-blox presents combined Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC modules for easy implementation of latest wireless standards in the vehicle [u-blox]
0 u-blox combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in very compact, host-based automotive client and access point module [u-blox]
0 Dual-band Wi-Fi and dual-mode Bluetooth offered in a small, powerful, stand-alone, module by u-blox [u-blox]
0 Xilinx and BEEcube Announce Highly Scalable Prototyping Platform for 5G Massive MIMO Antenna Systems [Xilinx]
0 Xilinx and Xylon Announce New Industry Leading Automated Multi-Camera Image Stitching IP for 2D/3D Surround View Systems [Xilinx]
0 Infineon Drives Next Generation Cellular M2M Communication [Infineon]
1 Low-Power Barometric Pressure Sensor from Infineon Delivers New Levels of Accuracy for Mobile and Wearable Gadgets and IoT Devices [Infineon]
0 Infineon Announces 650V IGBTs with Highest Efficiency for Fast Switching in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles [Infineon]
0 Toshiba Launches 13 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor [TOSHIBA]
0 NXP announces ultra-low power radio transceiver enabling truly wireless earbuds [NXP Semiconductors]
0 New NXP microcontrollers deter security threats to application code and data in connected applications [NXP Semiconductors]
0 NXP and Sonova combine efforts to deliver unprecedented performance in next generation hearing instrument platform [NXP Semiconductors]
0 Osram significantly increases the efficiency of blue LED chips [OSRAM Opto Semiconductors]
0 Renesas Electronics Develops 28nm Embedded Flash Memory Technology that Realizes Even Faster Read and Rewrites Speeds for Automotive Microcontrollers [Renesas Electronics]
0 Renesas Electronics Develops RF Transceiver Technology for Bluetooth® Low Energy with the Industry's Lowest Current Drain to Enhance Growth of the Low-Power Wireless Markets Including Wearable Devices [Renesas Electronics]
0 Renesas Electronics Introduces 32-Bit Automotive Microcontrollers Specialized for Instrument Clusters in Entry Level to Mid-Range Cars [Renesas Electronics]
0 Convenient current measurements with the new R&S RT-ZC20B current probe from Rohde & Schwarz [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 7Layers enhances its 4G/LTE device testing capabilities with Rohde & Schwarz [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 R&S RTM oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz: now simultaneous time domain and spectrum analysis up to 1 GHz [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 SGS expands LTE/4G testing capabilities with Rohde & Schwarz [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 R&S RTE oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz: truly uncompromised performance now up to 2 GHz bandwidth [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 Rohde & Schwarz unveils new USB and LAN diode sensors for fast and accurate power measurements [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 Cypress’s New $10 PSoC 5LP Prototyping Kit Gives Designers Access to Unmatched Processing Power in a One-Chip Solution [Cypress]
0 Toshiba Develops 1.9 TOPS Heterogeneous Multicore SoC with Color-Based Object Classification Accelerator for Image-Recognition Applications [TOSHIBA]
0 Toshiba Launches Low Voltage MOSFET Series with Dual-sided Cooling Packages [TOSHIBA]
0 JDI Announces Start of Sales of a Standard Line-up of Ultra-low Power Consumption Memory-in-Pixel Reflective-type Color LCD Modules [Japan Display]
0 Keysight Technologies Introduces Bandwidth Enhanced InfiniiMax III+ Probes, Accessories for High-Speed Bus Testing [Keysight Technologies]
0 Keysight Technologies Delivers 64 Synchronous Multi-channel Data Acquisition System with Unique Phase Coherency [Keysight Technologies]
0 Keysight Technologies Introduces Source/Measure Units, Helps Engineers Deliver Exceptional Battery Life in Mobile-Device Designs [Keysight Technologies]
0 Lattice Semiconductor expedites & simplifies USB Type-C implementation in consumer and industrial devices [Lattice]
0 Lattice Semiconductor Enables Faster IEC61508 Certification with FPGA Functional Safety Desig [Lattice]
0 42V, 6A (I ), Synchronous Step­Down Regulator with Integrated Current Sensing [Linear Technology]
0 Ultrafast 7ns Response Time 15GHz RF Detector with Fast Comparator Withstands 125°C Operating Environments [Linear Technology]
0 20V, 200mA RF LDO with Ultralow (0.8µV ) Noise & 79dB PSRR at 1MHz Powers Noise­Sensitive Applications [Linear Technology]
0 3.3V/5V 4Mbps CAN Transceiver Provides ±60V Fault Protection for Improved System Reliability [Linear Technology]
0 Low-Cost DSP Development Platforms Accelerate Time to Market for Image Sensing and Advanced Audio Applications [Analog Devices]
0 Bias Generation and Level Setting Made Easy with Multiple Range, User Programmable Voltage Output D/A Converter [Analog Devices]
0 Analog Devices’ Eight-Channel Data Converter Combination Unlocks New Levels of Design Freedom in a Tiny Package [Analog Devices]
0 ESD Protection Diode for Automotive Interfaces: DF3D18FU, DF3D29FU, DF2B18FU, DF2B29FU [TOSHIBA]
0 Toshiba Launches 8 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor for Smartphones and Tablets [TOSHIBA]
0 Toshiba Bluetooth® IC with Integrated DSP Targets Automotive Audio Streaming and Hands-free Subsystems [TOSHIBA]
0 TI makes battery-less IoT connectivity possible with the industry's first multi-standard wireless microcontroller platform [TI]
0 Cypress’s New Family of High-Performance 4-PLL Clock Generators Simplify Design of Next-Generation Consumer and Networking Products [Cypress]
0 Freescale i.MX 6SoloX Takes Applications Processor Security to New Levels [Freescale]
1 Freescale’s Kinetis KV5x MCU with ARM® Cortex®-M7 Core Drives Motor Control into the IoT Era [Freescale]
0 Freescale Expands Rugged RF Portfolio with Breakthrough High Power Plastic Packaged Transistors [Freescale]
0 IDT, NVIDIA and Orange Silicon Valley Drive Supercomputing to Edge of Wireless Network for Real-Time Analysis and Services [IDT]
0 IDT Introduces High-speed Multiplexer for DDR4 NVDIMM Technology; Selected by Micron as Preferred Supplier [IDT]
0 New Version of DAVE™ Development Platform Significantly Reduces Software Development Time for XMC Microcontrollers from Infineon [Infineon]
0 Introducing a High-Voltage Resonant Controller with PFC for LED Drivers, Infineon Enables Efficient and Compact Lighting Applications [Infineon]
0 Infineon Launches LITIX™ Basic LED Driver Family for Reliable Control of Automotive Exterior LED Lighting Applications [Infineon]
0 Cypress Expands PSoC 4 Portfolio of Flexible 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M0 Solutions to Replace Legacy 8-Bit and 16-Bit Platforms [Cypress]
0 STMicroelectronics Introduces Digital UV Sensor for Mobile, Wearable, and IoT Applications [STMicroelectronics]
0 STMicroelectronics Shatters Performance Limitations for Ultra Low-Power Applications with New STM32L4 Microcontrollers [STMicroelectronics]
0 STMicroelectronics and Flextronics Reveal World’s First Plug-In Charger Platform with Zero No-Load Power Consumption [STMicroelectronics]
0 Altera Ships 20 nm SoCs [Altera]
1 Toshiba Introduces Latest Additions to ApP Lite(TM) Family for IoT Solutions [TOSHIBA]
1 Toshiba Launches ApP Lite™ "TZ2100" Starter Kit [TOSHIBA]
1 Sharp Develops New Touch-Panel Handwriting Input System Suitable for Interactive Whiteboards [Sharp]
1 Xilinx Stays a Generation Ahead at 16nm with New Memory, 3D-on-3D, and Multi-Processing SoC Technologies [Xilinx]
1 Silicon Labs Launches Blue Gecko Bluetooth Smart Solutions [Silicon Laboratories]
1 Silicon Labs Launches World’s First Integrated Development Environment for MCUs and Wireless [Silicon Laboratories]
1 Silicon Labs Simplifies IoT Connectivity with New 32-bit sub-GHz Wireless MCUs [Silicon Laboratories]
1 Silicon Labs Rolls out Next-Generation 8-Bit Microcontrollers for the IoT Age [Silicon Laboratories]
1 Murata’s develops world’s most precise SM rotary position sensors suitable for automotive applications [Murata Manufacturing]
2 Keysight Technologies Announces Support for High-Volume Manufacturing of Femtocell Designs Based on Broadcom’s BCM617xx Chipsets with the EXF Wireless Test Set [Keysight Technologies]
2 The world’s first autoclavable ring-shaped High Brightness LED from SCHOTT [SCHOTT]
1 Altera Announces Virtual Prototyping for Its Industry-leading SoC FPGA Portfolio Through Collaboration with Mentor Graphics [Altera]
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