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0 HARTING wins customers with innovative M12 PushPull solution [Harting]
0 Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 3.6V High-power MOSFET for Commercial Two-way Radio Devices [Mitsubishi Electric]
0 Mitsubishi Electric Develops SVC-Diamond Static Synchronous Compensator [Mitsubishi Electric]
0 Toshiba Launches 20 Megapixel CMOS Image Sensor Enabling 6mm Z-height Camera Modules for Smartphones and Tablets [TOSHIBA]
0 Toshiba Launches Multi-function ARM® Cortex®-M0-core-based Microcontroller with Low Pin Count [TOSHIBA]
0 IR Introduces Robust Automotive –Qualified AUIRB24427S Dual Low-side Driver IC for Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Applications [IR]
0 SMK Rolls Out New Connector That Meets USCAR-30 Specifications. The SMK USCAR-30 Connector Meets Demand for Connecting Automotive Equipment. [SMK]
0 Microchip’s New 2.4 GHz RF High-Power Amplifier Offers Low EVM and Current for 256-QAM and 802.11b/g/n; Extends Range of Ultra-High Data Rate WLANs [Microchip]
0 Texas Instruments expands world's lowest power microcontroller portfolio to take your metering, health and fitness and wearables designs to the next level [TI]
1 Analog Devices’ A/D Converters with Internal Reference Consume Lowest Power with High Accuracy/Small Package Combination [Analog Devices]
0 You Have Two Choices, but Ignoring Distributed Systems Isn’t One of Them [National Instruments]
0 New CompactRIO Software-Designed Controller Simplifies Control Systems [National Instruments]
0 Johanson balun optimized for operation with Nordic Semiconductor nRF51 Series Bluetooth Smart and ANT SoCs [Nordic Semiconductor]
0 Low cost active RFID global mobile asset tracking solution allows everything from trailers and trucks to ladders and tools to be cost-effectively monitored [Nordic Semiconductor]
0 Renesas Electronics Announces New 40 nm RH850/C1x Series of Microcontrollers for HEV/EV Motor Control Applications [Renesas Electronics]
1 Integrated manufacturing system, from development and production to mounting, customizable to user needs New MEMS Foundry Business [ROHM]
1 TI brings 16-bit ADC precision performance to industrial control applications with new single-core C2000™ Delfino™ F2837xS microcontrollers [TI]
1 TI announces first DLP® LightCrafter™ evaluation module for video and data display applications [TI]
0 Intersil Announces Single-Chip Display Power and LED Driver for Smartphones [Intersil]
0 Keysight Technologies Offers First User-Extensible Frequency Domain Analysis for Real-Time Oscilloscopes [Keysight Technologies]
0 New Low Power Microcontroller Equipped with High Efficiency Class D Speaker Amplifier and Audio Playback Function [LAPIS Semiconductor]
0 Lattice Simplifies Optical Ethernet System Management Interfaces [Lattice]
0 Triple Output 28V Step-Down μModule Regulator with Integrated Heatsink delivers 70W in 4.5cm²(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 4μA I Hot Swap Controller Protects Batteries from Voltage & Current Faults(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 38V Synchronous Step-Down Controller with 24V Output Capability Draws Only 50μA in Standby(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 100V Synchronous Forward Controller Regulates Output Voltage without an Opto-Coupler(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 Dual Output DC/DC Controller with Digital Interface Operates with 0.25 Milliohm Sense Resistance(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 45V Input 100mA LDO Offers Active Output Discharge(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 Convert PWM Inputs to 12-Bit Accurate Voltage Outputs with No Software, No Ripple & No Delay(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 92mW Direct Conversion I/Q Modulator Has Better than 50dB Sideband & Carrier Suppression(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 400mA Synchronous Buck Battery Charger Features 40V Operation to Accommodate a Variety of Input Sources(PDF) [Linear Technology]
0 Microsemi SmartFusion2 and IGLOO2 Product Families are First and Only FPGAs in the PLD Industry to Successfully Complete NSA Information Assurance Directorate Secure Implementation Guidelines Document [Microsemi]
0 Microsemi's New Libero SoC v11.4 Software Makes Significant FPGA Design Productivity Gains with Runtime Improvements of Up to 35 Percent [Microsemi]
0 5853 Series 0.35mm Pitch Board to Board Connector with Stacking Height of 0.6mm Launched [KYOCERA Connector Products]
1 TI introduces first fully integrated mono, Class-D audio amplifier for eCall, instrument cluster and telematics [TI]
0 LSI SandForce Flash Controllers Demonstrate Breakthrough Real-World Performance and Endurance [Avago Technologies]
1 Cypress and HLMC Demonstrate Working Silicon Cells Leveraging 55-Nanometer Embedded Flash IP [Cypress]
1 Silicon Labs Rocks Car Radio Market with Highest Performance Global Receiver IC [Silicon Labs]
0 IDT Wireless Power Technology Incorporated on LG’s Flagship G3 Smartphone [IDT]
1 Ultra-small voltage detectors with high accuracy, ultra-low 0.42μA supply current, and a detection delay function [Torex Semiconductor]
0 New software from Rohde & Schwarz is the first that can analyze DOCSIS 3.1 signals [Rohde & Schwarz]
0 Altera Releases Quartus II Software Arria 10 Edition v14.0 [Altera]
0 TI introduces ultra-low quiescent current, high-voltage LDOs for direct-to-battery automotive applications [TI]
0 TI speeds Power over Ethernet development with next-generation PSE controller [TI]
0 TI introduces multiphase Vcore solutions with advanced PMBus™ interface and smart power stage [TI]
0 Trim Design Space and Upgrade Industrial Efficiency with Two IO-Link Reference Designs for Proximity Sensing and Enhanced Distributed Control [Maxim Integrated]
1 Cypress Adds Support for Single-Layer Sensors and Gloved-Finger Tracking to TrueTouch Gen4X Touchscreen Controller Family [Cypress]
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