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1 Lattice's Leadership Enables Manufacturers to Immediately Implement USB Type-C Interfaces [Lattice]
2 Hybrid Memory Cube Consortium Advances Hybrid Memory Cube Performance and Industry Adoption With Release of New Specification [Micron]
1 Microsemi Continues its Leadership in Timing Solutions by Offering Ultralow Jitter OTN Clock Translator in the Smallest Footprint [Microsemi]
1 Murata commercializes compact and highly precise crystal units [Murata Manufacturing]
1 New Codescape tools from Imagination deliver comprehensive MIPS software life-cycle development environment [Imagination Technologies]
1 Spansion Expands High Density Automotive Serial Flash with 125C Operation [Spansion]
1 New JRC's automotive operational amplifier NJU77903 with 36V, 200mAp-p that is suitable for resolver excitation [New Japan Radio (JRC)]
1 Industry's first 10-W wireless power solution allows consumers to charge faster and cooler without plugging in [TI]
1 7-GHz ADC drivers bring AC performance to DC-coupled applications [TI]
2 Freescale Establishes Thread Beta Development Program to Help Companies Jump-Start Next-Generation IoT Products [Freescale]
2 Freescale Expands System Power Management Portfolio to Its QorIQ LS1 Processors for a Secure Internet of Things [Freescale]
1 Moving Forward on Energy Efficiency: Fujitsu Semiconductor Aims to Start Production of GaN Power Devices [Fujitsu Semiconductor]
2 Fujitsu Semiconductor Widely Expands Lineup of 32-bit General Purpose Microcontrollers with the Release of Products Adopting 2 New ARM Cores [Fujitsu Semiconductor]
2 Infineon Launches ARM®-based Embedded Power Family for Smart Motor Control in Automotive Applications; Samples Available [Infineon]
2 Keysight Technologies Demonstrates LTE-Advanced 450 Mbps End-to-End IP Data Throughput with UXM Wireless Test Set [Keysight Technologies]
2 Keysight Technologies Begins Shipment of Impedance Analyzer [Keysight Technologies]
4 IDT, Orange Silicon Valley, NVIDIA Accelerate Computing Breakthrough with RapidIO-based Clusters Ideal for Gaming, Analytics [IDT]
2 IDT Announces New Internally Matched Broadband RF VGA with Ultra-High Linearity [IDT]
2 STMicroelectronics Supports Drive for Inverters in Smaller Boxes Everywhere, from PHEV Battery Chargers to Solar Generators [STMicroelectronics]
3 Cypress Radiation-Hardened QDR-II+ SRAMs Achieve QML Class V Certification and Deliver Industry’s Highest Throughput for Space-Bound Applications [Cypress]
3 Micron Paves the Way for Next-Generation Ultra High-Speed Serial NOR Flash Solutions [Micron]
5 STMicroelectronics Steps Up the Pressure: Delivers World’s Smallest Pressure Sensor, Dust-Free and Water-Resistant by Design [STMicroelectronics]
4 STMicroelectronics Slashes Time-to-Development with Open.MEMS Licensing [STMicroelectronics]
4 STMicroelectronics Launches New Open Development Environment Supporting Fusion of STM32 Microcontrollers with Advanced Components for Sense, Control, Connectivity, and More [STMicroelectronics]
4 Altera and IBM Unveil FPGA-accelerated POWER Systems with Coherent Shared Memory [Altera]
4 Xilinx Announces SDAccel Development Environment for OpenCL, C, and C++, Delivering Up to 25X Better Performance/Watt to the Data Center [Xilinx]
2 STMicroelectronics Launches Automotive Audio Processor to Shrink Design Cycle and Time-to-Market [STMicroelectronics]
2 STMicroelectronics Bridges the Gap Between Bulk and Surface Micromachining for Critical Sensors [STMicroelectronics]
3 STMicroelectronics Creates World’s First Set-Top-Box Platform That Supports Android TV 5.0 Lollipop [STMicroelectronics]
3 STMicroelectronics Introduces World’s Smallest Integrated 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit [STMicroelectronics]
1 STM32 Microcontroller from STMicroelectronics Powers Intuitive August Smart Lock System [STMicroelectronics]
2 SCHOTT to offer its multifunctional DARO coating for touch displays on CONTURAN® glass [SCHOTT]
2 Yokogawa Releases SMARTDAC+® GX20W Wireless Paperless Recorder Enables data acquisition in difficult to access locations [Yokogawa]
4 Xilinx Announces Industry's First Low Latency 25G Ethernet IP for FPGAs to Address Throughput Challenges in Data Center Applications [Xilinx]
2 Mitsubishi Electric to Launch 12.1-inch WXGA 15.0-inch SXGA+ TFT-LCD Modules [Mitsubishi Electric]
2 Toshiba Launches New Line-up of Image Recognition Processors for Automotive Applications [TOSHIBA]
1 Toshiba Expands its Lineup of Application Processors for Wearable Devices [TOSHIBA]
3 Verify MIPI D-PHY interface compliance with R&S RTO oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz [Rohde & Schwarz]
5 Silicon Labs Expands Sub-GHz Wireless Portfolio to Support 802.15.4/4g Connectivity [Silicon Laboratories]
4 New High-Speed A/D Converters from Microchip Feature Industry’s Lowest-Power 16-bit, 200 Msps Stand-Alone ADCs [Microchip]
4 Microchip Announces a Microcontroller Family That Provides Closed Loop Digital Control and Safety Monitoring With Core Independent Peripherals [Microchip]
3 New Microchip USB2.0 4-Port Controller Hub Featuring FlexConnect Technology Connects Smartphones to Automotive Infotainment Systems [Microchip]
5 Tektronix Releases First Test Solution for MIPI M-PHY® Specification v3.1 [Tektronix]
4 Alps Electric Develops and Commences Mass Production of “SKTH Series” TACT Switch™ [ALPS]
4 Rapid Prototyping Kit Simplifies Wide-Dynamic-Range GSPS Data Converter-to-FPGA Connectivity [Analog Devices]
5 Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s First Analog Fault Detection and Protection Switch Family for Analog Input/Output Modules in Harsh Environments [Analog Devices]
4 Murata Launches New Very High Stability MEMS Accelerometer Combined Gyroscope [Murata Manufacturing]
2 1 W DC-DC converter 35% smaller height profile and 50% lower price [Murata Manufacturing]
3 Configurable output voltage, high isolation DC/DC converters for IGBT and MOSFET gate drive applications [Murata Manufacturing]
3 Murata Announces 2×4-Inch-Size Standard AC-DC Converter Products Intended for Next-Generation Compact Base Stations for High-Speed Communication [Murata Manufacturing]
2 NXP Introduces Industry's Most Power Efficient Microcontrollers for the Growing Sensor-Processing Market [NXP Semiconductors]
2 New compact and powerful light source from Osram [OSRAM Opto Semiconductors]
2 Renesas Electronics Kickstarts Maker and Emerging Application Design with the First ARM Cortex-A Processor-Based mbed Microprocessor Board [Renesas Electronics]
2 Renesas Electronics Eases Safety, Security, and Connectivity for the Car of the Future [Renesas Electronics]
2 R&S IQR I/Q data recorder with 50 percent higher data rate and double the memory [Rohde & Schwarz]
1 R&S RTM oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz lead in analysis of long signal sequences [Rohde & Schwarz]
3 High definition oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz: signal analysis with 16-bit vertical resolution [Rohde & Schwarz]
2 Cypress Enters Bluetooth Low Energy Market with the Industry’s Most Integrated One-Chip Solutions for the Internet of Things [Cypress]
3 Wireless Sensor Network Development Kits Enable Rapid Deployment of Industrial Systems Targeting the Internet of Things and Big Data Networks [Analog Devices]
3 Analog Devices Introduces Industry’s First 24-Bit Sigma Delta A/D Converter with Rail-to-Rail Analog and Reference Input Buffers On-chip [Analog Devices]
3 Wideband IF Receiver Chip Provides Industry Leading Dynamic Range in a Highly Integrated Solution [Analog Devices]
3 Multi-Channel Driver and Inverter IPMs Introduced by ON Semiconductor at Electronica 2014 [ON Semiconductor]
3 ON Semiconductor Unveils New Devices for Automotive Lighting Applications at Electronica 2014 [ON Semiconductor]
4 IR’s 1200V Gen8 IGBT Family Delivers Benchmark Efficiency and Ruggedness for Industrial Applications [IR]
2 Keysight Technologies Announces Unique Ability to Extend Frequency Range of Existing X-Series Signal Analyzers [Keysight Technologies]
3 Keysight Technologies Introduces Oscilloscope Probes for High-Voltage Signal Measurements [Keysight Technologies]
2 16bit Low Power Microcontrollers Featuring Industry-Low Power Consumption [LAPIS Semiconductor]
3 u-blox launches ultimate indoor/outdoor positioning module NEO-M8L with integrated 3D sensors [u-blox]
3 SANYO DENKI Releases 60 × 60 × 10 mm Low Power Consumption Fan with Industry’s Leading Energy Efficiency and Static Pressure [Sanyo Denki]
5 IR Expands StrongIRFET™ Family with New Surface Mount 75V MOSFETs Featuring Ultra-low Rds(on) for Industrial Applications [IR]
1 Micrel’s High Density Synchronous Boost Converter Delivers Up to 10W Output Power in 2mm x 2mm x 0.55mm Package [Micrel]
2 MSC Technologies presents COM Express module in Mini form factor [Avnet]
3 IRIDA Labs Partners with CEVA to Offer Advanced Computer Vision Algorithms for Ultra Low Power Devices Using CEVA-MM3101 Imaging & Vision DSP [CEVA]
3 SGA Innovations Partners with CEVA to offer a DSP-based Wireline and Wireless Communication Solution for the IoT Market [CEVA]
2 Cypress and Icron Technologies Announce Joint Interoperability for USB 3.0 Controllers and Active Cable Extension [Cypress]
3 Altera and MathWorks Deliver Unified Model-Based Design Workflow for Altera SoCs [Altera]
3 Freescale to Spark Innovation and Open Development for ADAS and Autonomous Driving Systems with OpenCL Environment [Freescale]
3 Infineon Brings Security to Smart Wearable Devices: Provides Boosted NFC Secure Element for Watchdata’s new “Sharkey” smart watch and wristband [Infineon]
3 Introducing the TO-247 4 Kelvin-Sense Package for Discrete IGBTs - Infineon Defines New Levels of Low Switching Losses and High Power Density [Infineon]
4 Infineon Extends Portfolio of Contactless CIPURSE™Security Solutions; Enabling Cost Efficient and flexible Ticketing Systems in Transportation [Infineon]
5 NEXCOM Digital Signage Player Now Runs Android™ OS [NEXCOM]
4 Compact Fanless Computer NISE 301 Shows Flexibility towards Function Consolidation [NEXCOM]
4 High-performance lenses and LED lighting series for precise inspections [SCHOTT]
4 New Virtualization Platform Enables Faster and More Cost-Effective Service Provider SDN/NFV Deployments [Artesyn Embedded Technologies]
7 SharpMedia 2U Platform Enables Higher Density Voice and Video Services [Artesyn Embedded Technologies]
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