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0 Industry’s First Aluminum Wire Type 9215 Series Automotive Branch Connector Launched [KYOCERA Connector Products]
0 50Ω 20dB Gain Block Delivers 46dBm OIP3 & 2.6dB NF with Bandwidth from 20MHz to 2GHz(PDF) [Linear Technology]
1 Dual Multi-Topology DC/DC Converters with 50V, 2A Internal Switches(PDF) [Linear Technology]
1 Agilent Technologies Offers First User-Extensible Recorder Application for Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers [Agilent Technologies]
1 Achieve High Energy-Measurement Accuracy with Highly Integrated Single-Phase Metering SoC [Maxim Integrated]
2 IDT Announces Production Availability of JEDEC 1.0-compliant DDR4 Memory Interface Products [IDT]
1 Agilent Technologies Announces Single-Slot Eight-Channel 8-bit PCIe Gen2 Digitizer [Agilent Technologies]
2 Intersil Introduces Company's First High Voltage Power Module [Intersil]
1 ON Semiconductor PYTHON CMOS Image Sensors Bring Versatility and Superior Performance to Industrial Applications [ON Semiconductor]
3 Artesyn Embedded Technologies Launches SharpCaster™ Accelerator to Simplify, Speed and Save When Deploying Broadcast Video [Artesyn Embedded Technologies]
1 u-blox ultra-compact 4G LTE module certified for Verizon’s 4G LTE network [u-blox]
2 Xilinx's DDR4 Memory Solution for UltraScale Devices Completes Agilent N6462A Compliance Test Running at 2400 Mb/s [Xilinx]
1 Xilinx Enables "Softly" Defined Networks with New Software Defined Specification Environment [Xilinx]
1 Epson Introduces New Differential Output Crystal Oscillator [EPSON]
3 Epson's Latest Display Controller IC Supports Both Text & Graphics on Color TFT & STN LCDs [EPSON]
2 Freescale Intelligent Battery Sensor Combines MCU and CAN with Flexible Three-Channel Analog Front End [Freescale]
3 Freescale introduces the industry’s highest performance MCUs designed for automotive instrument clusters, enabling a new generation of premium graphics [Freescale]
3 High Power Ultra-Low-Ohmic Shunt Resistors [ROHM]
3 Motor Driver from Microchip is Automotive AEC-Q100 Qualified, Highly Integrated and Compact; Provides High Performance and High Current [Microchip]
3 From Milliwatts to Megawatts: Measuring Power With LabVIEW and NI Hardware [National Instruments]
4 Nordic Semiconductor announces major new release of its Bluetooth low energy protocol stack for nRF51 Series including over-the-air firmware upgrade capability and Bluetooth v4.1 compliance [Nordic Semiconductor]
3 Replace expensive resolver-to-digital conversion solutions with TI's new C2000™ Microcontroller (MCU) Resolver Kit [TI]
3 World's lowest power microcontrollers now deliver big benefits in tiny packages [TI]
4 Osram unveils the first flush-mountable infrared LED [OSRAM Opto Semiconductors]
3 Silicon Labs Streamlines iOS Accessory Designs with Comprehensive 32-Bit Development Kit [Silicon Labs]
6 Reduce Cost and Weight of Cabling in Automotive Infotainment Applications with Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes) Chipsets [Maxim Integrated]
5 Second generation of Freescale Kinetis ARM(R) Cortex(R)-M4-based MCUs take performance with power efficiency to new heights [Freescale]
5 Freescale Kinetis V Series MCUs Streamline Next-Generation Motor Control and Digital Power Conversion Applications [Freescale]
5 Freescale Integrates Support for Stringent System-Level Functional Safety with New Analog System Basis Chips [Freescale]
3 Intersil Introduces Industry's First Half- and Full-Bridge Drivers Designed to Extend Battery and Product Life of Multi-Cell Lithium Ion Battery-Powered Products [Intersil]
2 Synchronous Forward MOSFET Driver Eliminates Signal Transformer(PDF) [Linear Technology]
5 NXP Launches New 300 W TVS Diodes in a Leadless 2-mm x 2-mm Package [NXP Semiconductors]
4 IR Introduces Class D Audio Chipset Featuring the IRS20965 Driver IC with Protected PWM Switching for High Performance Audio Amplifiers [IR]
5 Avnet Electronics Marketing Introduces Xilinx Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC 7Z100 Mini-Module Plus, the Ultimate System-on-Module [Avnet]
5 Micron Technology Announces DDR4 Modules Designed for Future Intel(R) Xeon(TM) Processor E5-2600 v3 Product Family-Based Systems [Micron]
5 Altera Announces High-Efficiency Power Conversion Solution for High-Performance FPGAs [Altera]
4 NXP LPCXpresso and ARM's mbed platform now fully aligned [NXP Semiconductors]
3 NXP Launches New 300 W TVS Diodes in a Leadless 2-mm x 2-mm Package [NXP Semiconductors]
5 Toshiba Launches Wireless Power Receiver IC Supporting Quick Charging [TOSHIBA]
6 Toshiba Introduces Application Processors for Wearable Devices [TOSHIBA]
4 Toshiba Launches Ultra-small Chip Scale Package White LEDs for Lighting Applications [TOSHIBA]
4 Agilent Technologies Simplifies Discontinuous Disturbance Measurements with New Standard Capabilities in MXE EMI Receiver [Agilent Technologies]
3 Agilent Technologies Expands World's Most Flexible PNA-X Network Analyzer for Active Device Test with 8.5-GHz Model [Agilent Technologies]
5 New LPC Microcontroller Portfolio Expands Devices Rated up to 105°C [NXP Semiconductors]
4 NXP Launches New 300 W TVS Diodes in a Leadless 2-mm x 2-mm Package [NXP Semiconductors]
6 Microchip Introduces Cost-Effective 8-bit PIC(R) Microcontroller Family With Intelligent Analog and Core Independent Peripherals [Microchip]
4 New DC-DC Converter Module Family to Meet Requirements of Railway Rolling Stock [Artesyn Embedded Technologies]
3 NXP LPCXpresso and ARM's mbed platform now fully aligned [NXP Semiconductors]
5 New LPC Microcontroller Portfolio Expands Devices Rated up to 105°C [NXP Semiconductors]
6 LAPIS Semiconductor Introduces LAPIS Development Kit to Streamline Application-Specific Design Process with its Mini Low Power Microcontrollers [ROHM]
7 STMicroelectronics Extends STM32Cube(TM) Development Platform to Support Market-Proven STM32 F2 Microcontrollers [STMicroelectronics]
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